Best use of the 8k HDMI 2.1 port on my new x6700h?


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Hi, I'm really just getting into the audio side of home theater and just set up a 7.2.4 system last week. My primary use for this will be movie watching and gaming. The TV is a new 77" G1, being calibrated by Value Electronics and installed this Friday. Originally the plan was to connect my PS5, XSX and PC directly to the TV, then go eArc out to my Denon.

So my question is - what would be the best use of that lone 8k HDMI port on my Denon AVR (x6700h)? Here's a breakdown of my devices:

  • XSX
  • PS5
  • Sony UHD bluray player
  • Nvidia Shield Pro
Since I ended up spending more on my audio system than I had planned, I've delayed upgrading my PC. My existing gaming rig will remain connected to a 1440p monitor in my office. I'll occasionally stream installed games to the G1 using the Shield (4K60) until I upgrade next year.

edit - forgot to mention that I have the adapter from Denon on order. Won't be here for a long time so just trying figure out if I can do anything with it in the meantime.
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