Best use of fixed speakers 7.1, 5.1.2, other?


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I was running a 7.1 setup, but I'm not sure this is the best arrangement with my speakers:

Left/Right: PMC Twenty5.26 (tweeter height: 910mm, floorstander, front ported)
Centre: PMC Twenty5.C (tweeter height: 800mm, in joinery unit, front ported)
Surrounds: KEF T101 (tweeter height: 1710mm, wall fixed)
Rears: PMC DB1i (tweeter height: 930mm, rear ported)
Sub: SVS SB2000 (speaker center height: 250mm, in joinery unit, sealed)

Drawing below.
I can't really relocate the speakers, I can occasionally bring the front L/R out for music, but generally they stay put.

Using a miniDSP nanoAVR HD, between the source/processor and the AVR preamp, I routed the speakers for either:
  • 7.1 using all speakers, with KEF T101 as surround and PMC DB1i as rears.
  • 5.1 excluding the KEF T101s and routing the surround channels to the PMC DB1i's
This was because the rear PMC DB1i's are in a typical surround location and they are better speakers than the KEK T101

I have just recently picked up a newer AVR (Arcam AVR 550) with the option for height speakers.
I'm pretty sure there is no option for routing speakers, so I have to choose a setup and stick with it.
  • 7.1 setup, with all speakers
  • 5.1.2 setup, with KEF T101 as height speakers, at 1710mm from floor-to-tweeter, are they high enough?
  • other setup?



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I'd try 5.1.2 personally. Are you able to angle the Kefs down towards the main listening position?


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The Kefs fit flat to the wall,
only 40mm thick


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The Kefs fit flat to the wall,
only 40mm thick

Hmm, might be a bit tricky getting them to work well in that case. May just be worth trying them and see how they sound as heights.

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