Best use for my B&W speakers


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I currently own a pair of B&W 601 speakers and a CC6 Centre speaker which I'll be making use of when my under construction AV room is built.

I'm having a bit of trouble deciding how best to make use of them in a 5.1 setup - either as the fronts and get a pair of smaller bookshelf speakers for the rear or use the 601's as rears as I'd really love a pair of floorstanders to go beside the TV.

As the room is only 3m x 3m, I'm thinking the latter option is overkill but would welcome any advice. Ideally I'd like to stick with B&W's for the new speakers.

Thanks in advance.


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With a room of that size floor standers might be too over powering..I'd go for using them as fronts and get some 686's for rears...

Or use them as rears and get the 685s for fronts...

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