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Hi everyone, I haven't been on the forum in a few years 😅 I am still using a 4.1 surround setup consisting of full range tower fronts, large bookshelf surrounds from the same premium range as the fronts, and a subwoofer. No center speaker at the moment, the AVR mixes the center into the two front channels. I have 2 smaller bookshelf speakers from the same manufacturer that I am not currently using for anything, consisting of a tweeter and a mid woofer. They are from a less premium range of the same manufacturer and relatively shallow enclosures, intended to be mounted on the wall. If I wanted to integrate them in my current setup, what would the best way to use them be:

1. Use one of them as the center channel
2. Use both of them as the center channel, connected in series or in parallel
3. Use them as front wide channels
4. Use them as front presence channels

My Yamaha AVR supports 7.2 but no Atmos or DTS X. Buying additional hardware such as a dedicated center speaker is not an option. The options above should be evaluated against my current setup i.e. no change. Thank you for your advice 😊
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Why not use them as back surrounds for a 6.1 set up, providing there's enough room behind you.

Have you ever tried setting all your speakers to small and crossing them over in the AVR at 80Hz.

The bookshelf as as a centre would not work, as i doubt if it would be a suitable match for the mains.

There is very little content available that uses the wide channels..

As the receiver does not support Dolby Atmos or DTS-X the presence speakers would only be used when you engage the Yamaha DSP modes


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Thank you for taking the time to answer. Using them as back surrounds is not an option, which is why I didn't list it. Yes my speakers are set to small with 80Hz crossover.

When you say the bookshelf would not be a suitable match for the centre, what do you have in mind?

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Misunderstood, when you said full range i assumed you were running them as large.

I'm not familiar with the Canto range of speakers, however they will have a centre channel speaker available that will blend in with your mains, that will give you a seamless front soundstage. Look for one that has similar specs to the mains.

The centre speakers does a lot of the work in a surround sound system. As well as vocals, much of the action is carried by it. A smallish bookshelf just would not be up to the task


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I think on balance they don't really have a place on your lounge setup. In your position I would be tempted to try one of them as a centre but my experience is with the right layout a none matching centre speaker is worse than running a phantom centre. I've found if the speakers are different enough in tone it's noticeable.

Do you have a another room you could run some speaker cable to, your amp can use the spare channels for a second zone which might be a better use of them.


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That's why I got them in the first place but no longer an option with my apartment layout. Also as per my first post buying a matching centre is out 🙂


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Front heights maybe?


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Thank you for your ideas. It sounds like the best use might be for Atmos if and when I get that working.

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