Question Best upgrade route to multi zone Blu-ray and 4K


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I'm in a bit of an upgrade spin I can't get myself out of!

At the moment everything I have is 1080p. Once I've moved I'm after upgrading the TV to a larger UHD screen, possibly OLED but given the prices and tech being relatively new it's probably worth waiting.

I do however want to play multi zone Blu-ray.

Should I...

1) Just go all out now and get a new Oppo UDP 203

2) Buy a new or second hand, lower end multi zone Blu-ray player

3) Buy a second hand multi zone Blu-ray player that outputs to 4k

.... Just can't make my mind up :(


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I can't see much point in a blu-ray player that upscales to 4K. Any UHD TV you buy will do the same. Basically you are just increasing the amount of data that the blu-ray player sends to the TV.

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