Answered Best upgrade option for Philips Pronto TSU9400?


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Hi Chaps,

I'm a newbie on here seeking advice regarding the remote control of my lighting, curtains and AV at home.

Currently our set up is all controlled from a single Philips Pronto TSU9400 Remote Control, which signals to a Philips Radio to IR converter box in a riser cupboard where all the various head end parts are installed, such as Amps, Sky Box, lighting controls and so on with a hardward wired IR emitter fixed adjacent each piece of kit.

The Pronto Remote got knocked onto the floor recently and no longer works. Also, I've no longer got the original programming / config file when it was set up (laptop it was on died years ago). This has left us needing to visit the cupboard with various individual remote controls to get things working as it stands.

My question is, what is the current best option to upgrade / replace what I have? Are there options available to use something like a tablet or iPad to control the same equipment, or are we still looking at universal remote technology? It appears the TSU9400 is no longer sold, so if we want a single remote control option, it looks like we'll need something new?

Sincere thanks in advance for any guidance / assistance you can offer.


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Without knowing what you have specifically it is hard to give you an exact answer. Your best starting point, I am thinking, will be a Logitech Harmony Elite with Hub. This will allow you to do much of what your Pronto did and more and will integrate nicely with Alexa / Google assistant.

There is no direct replacement for the Pronto or Marantz equivalent.

There are other solutions on the market of varying quality or expense, but the Harmony Elite will probably have the widest level of support.

You could always look at something like Control4 which is a dealer only install and will be considerably more expensive.

The NEEO is gaining popularity and is similar in many ways to the Harmony Elite with a bit more of a B&O type styling it currently retails at £350

There is also the Broadlink Pro which is just a hub, which is controlled by a smartphone / tablet / smart speaker, it currently retails at £36

The Harmony Elite with Hub normally retails at £300, its currently on sale on Amazon for around £180.

This should give you a good starting point


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This should give you a good starting point

It does, many thanks for your advice and feedback. I've also had a call back from a chap called Cliff who works for AV Installations. Really helpful, so I now have a few options to at :)

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