Best TVs of 2021 - Editor's Choice Awards


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Only one LCD on list....
Next year could be full of surprises with QD OLEDs and maybe more advanced mini led and dual cells.

dion 6

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Cheers Phil they are all great tvs and not a lot between any of them if I needed a new tv now having a 5.1.2 system in the living room I'd get the 65INCH JZ1500


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I honestly don’t see how the LG OS can be the winner ,as it has become a laggy mess with this years sets

Phil Hinton

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I honestly don’t see how the LG OS can be the winner ,as it has become a laggy mess with this years sets
Not my experience at all having tested 6 LG sets so far this year.


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Have all TV's now received the software updates promised at review? If so they may deserve their awards or do I still need to be wary Phil Hinton?

HP Deskjet

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No regrets whatsoever about buying a LG C1. Great picture and a nice upgrade form my previous LG E6V, especially in the movement department. That said, I do miss my 3D, whcih was so briliiantly done on my E6.


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I appreciate that Philips OLED tv have good hardware and a great picture but when I scan through buyer reviews on the net including those on Philips own site, they are full of complaints about buggy software. While I treat buyer reviews with caution, there are enough to persuade me that there is a real issue here. It puts me off from buying one.

Chief NL

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It’s very much mine on my C1 ,and probably the reason lg introduced the option to clear the memory in the last firmware update
Not my experience after the first month with my new LG C1 either. Really happy that I decided to go for LG.

Sloppy Bob

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Why don't we have the best miniled tv on this list I thought miniled tvs should have been considered as well ?

MiniLED so far isn't doing anything that a good regular LED isn't. It and MicroLED have possibilities but the hardware and software has to be tuned well to work in sync.
Apart from a couple of TVs it's not really of any benefit.
Very happy AU9000 owner, its a great TV for the money and deserves the award :thumbsup:
I've been looking at this TV for the bedroom but there's no Dolby Vision.

I use a 4K Apple TV box and notice most content is DV, will I be missing out going for the Samsung over a Sony or Hisense that's got DV.


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After living with the 48" LG C1 for a month or so I've got to say the remote is atrocious! Terrible!

They've taken away the play/pause, stop, etc button set - which we use a lot for controlling apps playback and - as I plug a HDD into it - pause/recordings etc from the TV itself.

There's no TV guide button on the remote - well its somewhat hidden. You have to long press the List button "Accesses the saved programmes list."

You're all but forced to use the mouse pointer function by default.

I'm coming from an old LG where the magic remote was an optional, and life was simpler.

We've opted to buy a Humax set top box and use that instead of the TV/remote.

The picture and sound is pretty awesome. But I would love an alternate non-smart remote.


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Great to see that the Philips has managed to get rid of banding issues. (Is that for all their sets?) But what about Panasonic? Do they have banding problems, as I really want one of them, eventually...


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Funny that LGWebOS would be selected as best browser. My experience is that it is VERY poor. Cannot access mainstream services like ESPN+ and Paramount+.

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