Best TVs for the Olympics


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All great but quite large. Can we have a suggestion in the 49-50inch bracket?

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Thanks for the article - Any chance of doing one for the Commonwealth Games and a commensurate budget which will be nearer my price range? The recently announced Sony XD83/80 series will be a potential target in my case.


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Attention TV manufacturers, looking at this list, the very first thing I would have to do before anything else, is remove any curved screen from my shortlist.

So that leaves the Sony or the Panasonic. Now I have read a lot that the Android system is not very good on a TV but the 75" size is great, so the Sony interests me. But I also like the Panasonic, so it would be a case of seeing them in action and deciding to choose between them.

Most I paid for a TV was £4400 years ago for a standard definition 50" Sony LCD back-projection model and I learned a hard lesson in depreciation when that went to exactly £0 over the years (still have it) so it would take some perfect TV for me to part with that much again for another TV.


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Well, currys have the 58" 902 for only £2199 now and the LG OLED C for £2999. That's a pretty massive difference in price. Is OLED really worth the extra 800 quid?

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