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Getting quite frustrated with myself as i cant seem to work out what special features my HDTV should have. Motion Blur? 100Hz or 240Hz? 1080i or 1080p? LCD or LED?

This will be my 2nd decent TV so will replace the one in front room that will be connected to a home cinema system. I'm looking at 50+ inch screen. What features should i ensure is included with my new TV to get the best out of my Xbox 360 and PS3 / BlueRay player?

Thanks :smashin:

FYI - I'm replacing a Samsung 32" LE32R88BD LCD


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100 hz, 1080p and decent lag time will ensure a good performance.

Some prefer plasma screens for gaming so maybe check those too.

The key issue is lag, so make sure the response is good.


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Cheers for your help, found a 50inch Samasung Plazma 1080p 100Hz at Tesco's for £800 ish. Can even get 6 mths intrest free credit as well :thumbsup:


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Thanks for the heads up on the Panasonic. It seems the price of plasmas are dropping each day. Found a 50inch Samsung 600hz 1080p for £599.99 at TJ Hughes.

I think im going to wait for a bit to see if the prices drop further. Ideally i would like a LCD / LED as plasma need to be kept well looked after and im terrible for leaving the TV on which could resort to screen burn.

Just out of interest how do i know what the input lag is on different TV models and whats acceptable?
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generally they are all around 40-50ms range which is poor.

what acceptable is like 10-20.

if u wanna go for lcd theres only one decent option the LG SL8000.

i got one of those its a gamers dream. sharp also has very good gaming TVs

but i prefer LG.

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