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Best TV circa £700 for videogaming?



Hello all,

Looking to get myself a new TV for £600-£750, primarily for videogaming, though it'd be great if I could also use it as a PC monitor as well, so 1080p and a sharp picture would be a real plus. Anyone got some recommendations?

My priorities go something like this, in declining order of importance...

1. Nice and big - 42" maybe?
2. Low input lag or ghosting for gaming
3. Decent overall picture quality (bear in mind that I've never had anything other than CRTs, so am not so so discerning in this regard) - including for SD signals, as I'm still attached to my SNES as well as my shiny new PS3...
4. Usable as a PC monitor - 1080p; reasonably sharp.

Also note: I'm not even so certain about LCD vs plasma. Seeing as there's no joint forum, if anyone thinks my needs would be better met by a plasma TV, then I'm all ears...

Any thoughts?


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You might struggle to get a decent 40-42" screen on that budget. Panasonics are supposed to be good for gaming and you can get a good 37" set in budget:

PANASONIC TXL37S10 at Richer Sounds - HI-FI Separates, Home Cinema, Speakers, MP3 DVD Portables, Plasma LCD, etc.

If you really want a 42" then check out the LG LH4000, not totally sure of it's gaming credentials though:

LG 42LH40STARSTAR at Richer Sounds - HI-FI Separates, Home Cinema, Speakers, MP3 DVD Portables, Plasma LCD, etc.

Edit - just read in another thread that they are supposed to have a 2ms input time which is nice
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