Best TV around 500€, mainly for gaming and movies?


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I'm looking for a 50'', maybe 55'', TV around 500€. I would mostly use it for gaming (PC and consoles) and watching movies/TV shows.
Since most of the games are running at 1080p, I would need a TV where 1080p looks good. If the 1080p games/movies look worse than on my 8 years old Samsung 32'' TV, then I can abandon my plans for new TV right away :)

I would use the TV mostly in a lit room. I would sit right in front of it (about 1.5m away), so viewing angles do not concern me. Smart functions are not important either.

I'm thinking about TCL C715, maybe C815 if I catch a black friday sale, but that's highly unlikely in my country anyway. I've read that American TCL models are far superior than European, but since I'm from Eastern Europe, they are not available here.

Are there any other TVs to consider in this price range? Maybe something from Samsung or LG 7/8xxx models?

Bottom line, is it even worth considering TVs in this price range? Or should I just keep saving and aim for something in the upper class, like Sony XH90 or something like that?


Provided you stick to SDR gaming any TV, including the TCL models you mention will be fine.
If you want to also use HDR, you need to think about spending more. The Hisense U7Q mentioned gets a lot brighter than other cheaper TVs, so HDR will be usable in some titles...however you're looking at spending nearer to 1k to get a proper HDR TV nowadays.

Can you stretch to the Hisense U8Q?

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