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best tri-wiring set up


ian andrews


Sorry if this has been covered before, I did a quick search of the existing forums but couldn't find anything.

I have an Arcam Alpha 10 Integrated Amp, a 10P Power Amp and Monitor Audio GR60 Speakers (3 pairs of posts per speaker).

I currently have them bi-amped & bi-wired with the power amp driving the bass and the integrated amp driving the mid & treble (mid & treble posts linked).

I have some spare quality speaker wire and I'm thinking of tri-wiring.
I'm thinking of leaving the power amp & bass as it is, driving the mid range from SP2 & treble from SP1 of the integrated amp (obviously with speaker mid & treble post links removed).
Would this be similar to tri-amping (but with 2 amps)..??

Would this be the best set up with the equipment I currently have..?

I've also considered buying an Arcam 8P power amp & tri-amping but someone in another post mentioned different output levels - affecting volume I think..?

Any advice, experience or opinions much appreciated :)

ian andrews

I've since read the user manual for the amp & found out the following information:

under bi-wiring it gives 2 wiring diagrams, 1 is the usual set up of 2 pairs of wires running from the same speaker posts of the amps, the other is as I mentioned in the above thread using the separate SP1 & SP2 speaker posts of the amps :)

It also mentions that the Alpha 10P & Alpha 9P Power amps are compatible.


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Both sets of speaker outputs are driven by the same channel so you will still only be biwiring the speakers. You will need another power amp if you want to triamp.



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Using SP1 and SP2 of the same amp is *not* the same as bi-amping with that amp - the two speaker outputs are just parallel or serial (depends on how it's been wired internally) connections to the same amplifier. All you will be doing is bi-wiring, and that's a waste of time anyway, as it has absolutely no benefit except to speaker cable manufacturers.

Stick the spare cable on eBay and buy some more CDs with the proceeds...

ian andrews

Hi Guys.
Thanks for the replies & info :)

I don't think I'd get much for the cable on ebay so as I have it anyway, I'll use it and tri-wire - even though I too have my doubts about any difference in quality :D

I don't think I'll go to the expense of tri-amping as it feels like overkill in some respects, having another fairly high power amp just to drive the tweeters..! (and I'd need another shelf in my Hi-Fi stand & I don't think there's room :D)

Cheers, Ian.

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