Best Top-up box for a weak signal area


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I'm looking for a decent Top-Up tv compatible freeview box. I don't particularly need a 7 day EPG (as I have Tivo), but it needs to work well in what must be a relatively weak reception area.

I've currently got a Hauppauge box (old model that links to the PC via USB), and it works fine and picks up 50-odd channels. My previous receiver to that (some ancient Pace box) also picked up the same number of channels.

Earlier today I bought a Sagem ITD68 from Argos, and it only picked up 6 channels during the initial setup. Even after resetting the box and rescanning, it still only picked up 6 channels! So, that's gone back (despite the bloody "we can't refund Freeview boxes" arguement from the Manager), and I'm looking for a replacement.

Any suggestions? I don't want to pay a fortune, but will spend up to £70 for the right box.

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You Could Spend £1000 on a box but with insurficient reception your money should be spent on upgrading you aerial system. most companies can deal with poor reception areas,Your best best is to seek out neighbours that have freeview to see if area can sustain quality. The transmitter web pages can be miss leading so always check with as many neighbours as possible if all else fails and aerial companies run scared when you telll them your address try £150 for Sky Free View Same Channels No Monthly Charge And No Reception Problems


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tredders said:
My previous receiver to that (some ancient Pace box) also picked up the same number of channels.
Sounds as if "some ancient Pace box" will do fine if you can find one with a TOTV slot. Ask Pace. Alternatively, the Freeview receivers with "Setpal" tuners are very sensitive.

Can't see any point in messing with an aerial system that's working perfectly.

(I'm assuming that you plugged your new box directly in place of the Pace - in which case it should work).


In the past I've bought freeview boxes for two places with weak signals, in an office and at university. In both cases I chose Goodmans (GD2 and GD3 I think) and they both much improved on the box that was already there. They're also cheap and have very nice menus.

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