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Hey guys ive been looking to buy a tablet for when I go off to uni in early october. Im not really in any rush, but ive been given the money to buy said tablet so im currently looking at my options. I will probably go samsung, live in the UK and am probably looking to go used. Ive been looking at the samsung tab s7, which used i can get between £400-£450. Ive heard that samsung will probably release a new tablet this august(based off previous release dates). Do you guys think I should wait until then so hopefully the prices will drop. Also do you think the prices could potentially go up because a lot of uni students will want tablets, and are more likely to look at the used market?

Ps I want the tablet for maths, which i will use for note taking. Thanks in advance


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The best guess is indeed another August refresh

With note taking I suggest it's as important you research the ability to transfer, export and / or sync content between tablet and your main computer.

That depends on Android versus iOS on the tablet and the note taking app (not every app is on both systems, some are iOS exclusive for example).

And being able to move lecture or revision notes from the tablet to the document software on your Windows or Mac OS computer. Unless you are planning on typing essays on the tablet! Worth checking what software the course uses and whether a purchase is okay 😎


Another option and less costly would be to consider a Chromebook because you get a full keyboard included so makes note taking easier. I have tried Android tablets for production of notes and docs and it is not an elegant solution compared to a c/book. If you need a tablet style as well there are flip c/books that convert to a tablet and they can run Android apps.

As Steven has said the ability to takes notes and transfer them is key. If you set up a Google account and use the Google Workspace (previously known as Gsuite) you will be able to use this across an Android tablet, iPad, Windows PC and Macs because all of the documents are stored in Google Drive in the cloud so are accessible through any browser via the Google account. It all works quite elegantly unlike Microsoft's botched attempt at doing this. Google Workspace also allows editing of Office documents as well though many education establishments are now using Google Workspace as well so worth checking about yours.

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