Best THX av amp ?

Gliese 581c

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I'm looking to upgrade my av amp to a THX certified amp. I have around £1000-£2000.

Could anyone recommend a couple for me to look for ?

Also, best/cheapest places to buy would be excellent.


Phil Hinton

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Hi mate,

You could try the following,

Denon 10se (can be had for about £400-500 used)discontinued
Denon 1 SE (used price about £1000-1700)discontinued
Denon 1SR (one going on the classifieds for £1900 4 mths old)New model

Pioneer AX10 New model, around £2k

Pioneer discontinued line 909,908 E08,ETC should be under a grand, some as cheap as a couple of hundred.

JVC have a new THx amp don't know anything about it though.

Thats all I can think off at the moment..........Oh I have just bought a used Denon 1se.

Gliese 581c

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Thanks a lot THX 1138. That info is excellent. I was hoping someone would mention one of the denon's and you have :)

I'll check them out and hopefully grab one at a good price :)

Thanks again.


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AV Land has quite a lot of info, if you dont already know, on amps that you may want.

Some more options for you:

The Pioneer 2011, which should be out by next week, looks good for just under £1000. Air studios tuned and THX Select certification.

Kenwood's KRF-X9995D may be one of those gems that crop up every once and a while. It looks like it has everything that you could want for about £1300, including a very nice remote. I think this is the one that Home Cinema Choice gave a glowing review to, too. Costs £1500

Marantz 9200. Haven't heard it, but this amp meets your criteria. I think that this amp comes with a Marantz 3200 learning remote (like the Philips Pronto Neo), which is a good remote if you can get the thing to learn anything (forget about Sky Digi, or Panasonic VCR's)

Harman/Kardon are releasing their new flagship amp the 8500. This is a THX Ultra 2 amp with Logic 7 decoding, too (Logic 7 is quite a bit better than PL2 or Neo 6 IMO). the spec should be similar to the American 8000 series. The dealer up here said that all amplification would be built in, unlike past Harman amps. He also said that the amp would be "around the £1800 mark, but I wont know for sure until I go to the launch on the 2 of Oct".
I used to have a A10SE amp, and because the A10SE didn't have PL2 et al, I had a home dem of the H/K 5500, just to see what kind of difference these formats made. I was going to get a model higher up the chain, as I wasn't expecting the 5500 to out perform the A10SE. It did, and I am now the happy owner of a 5500. I can't imagine what the 8500, or 7500 will be like.


Stewart C

I will throw in my Denon 11SR. At £1800 new and UK spec this is a steal. You can source one for £1400 though if you look hard enough.


Nic Rhodes

Distinguished Member
Best I have seen in the receiver range to date is Pioneer AX10. Personally I prefer the pre / powers, 2nd hand?

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