Best Tablet for under £300?


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What would be the best tablet for under or about £300?

Amazon sells the Xoom for £299, and the Asus Transformer is a bit more expensive and with 16GB instead of 32GB.

It seems most reviewers favor the Asus, but most of those reviews assume a lower price for the transformer. Would the transformer still be a better choice even when more expensive than the Xoom?

Or maybe there is another tablet that is better?

Thank you


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i tried several tabs the other day, i was most impressed with the sony (£350) and the transformer which was 299 in currys
the xoom seemed a little sluggish for my liking but thats only a few minutes play with each but on that trial alone id buy the transformer


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Thanks. When you say "sluggish" what do you mean exactly?

Also, are both tablets upgradeable to HC3.2 in the UK? What about ICS? Will any of them get it?


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sluggish in like when you swipe across the screens, its just not as smooth. almost felt like it was jerking a little
dont get me wrong for the right price id buy one but comparing the two side by side it just didnt seem as smooth to use. the internet was/felt a little slower to reproduce the same web page, i used bbc for my test.
gaming was as good though and im sure film wise itll be as good
id suggest popping along to a currys/pcworld to try them both, its a lot of cash so you need to be sure


What about the Toshiba AT100(Thrive)? £320.
I'm currently considering it.

Reviews say,

Bad points: display slightly dull, quite heavy, quite bulky, rubbish speakers

Good points: Android 3.1, 16GB onboard storage, SD card slot(up to 128GB!), the most inputs of any tablet available today, removeable battery, good 5mp camera, full size HDMI, full size USB, fast processor and graphics.

Generally the reviews are giving it 3-3.5/5 but I think that was when the price was £370ish.


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I went to a store today for comparisons. They didn't have the Asus, but I compared the Xoom with the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and the iPad2. I didn't notice any significant sluggishness but what bothered me was that the display of the Xoom seemed to be really dull.


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I checked out the Galaxy Tab today and I was really impressed with what I saw. The screen was bright and vivid, as smooth as my ipad.

I'd checkout the Galaxy Tab, the Asus just didn't look very appealing imo in terms of design and looks.

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