Best system for around £600


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Hi guys wondering if i could get some advice,

Recently entered the world of AV receivers back in August and bought the Onkyo HT 5405 system. Having a few issues with it sound and picture dropouts, having tried everything i can think of i think its and issue with the output from the amp to the i cant say im blown away by the sound

Anyway since aug im in the position to up my budget a little bit, so if i can get Richer Sounds to refund the money for the Onkyo or give me a store credit what would be the best bet for my money...

Small speakers would be ideal as currently i have the speakers from the onkyo on their side as they sit in front of my TV on the stand


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I'm no expert but I have a Denon amp (AVR 1912) running a Boston Acoustics Soundware XS speakers and for a smallish lounge they are great! Speakers and Reciever plus cables I got for £650 about 9months ago and prices have dropped since.

The cube speakers can barely be seen and I cant believe the sound from such tiny speakers

The amp is probably overkill for the speakers, but i bought it with the idea of upgrading further in future.


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Yeah thats kind of what i looked at myself, those speakers will be a way smaller than what i have but no doubt much better than the onkyo ones that came with my kit, will the soundware speakers attach to stands??? my rear speakers are currently on stands ideally if they could just attach to the ones i have that would be great..

Maybe the Amp would be overkill but like you said its future proof, i could move house and decide to go 7.1 ;)


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Personally with your budget I would not get the BA speakers with the 1912. Unless you plan on upgrading all the speakers over the next year or so I would get better speakers from the start. The 1912 is £250 now so this would leave £350 for the speakers. I would either look to get something like the Cantons 125s or get the Wharfedale Diamond 9.1 and SW150 package for £250 and then a pair of 9.0s from Richer sounds for £40. The Wharfedales would give a lot better sound and be more consistent with the quality of the amp. Or you could build the system slowly and get just the front speakers or front speaker and sub and then get the other speakers as funds allow. Other speakers to look at would include the Wharfedale Diamond 10 HCP system or Wharfedale Moviestars or Monitor Audio Vector system to name but a few. Go out and demo a few options (and not just from RS) and see what you prefer. I have heard the BAs with an Onkyo 609 (so similar level to the 1912) and was not that impressed to be honest.

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