Best Switch game for a 7 year old girl


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Hey all, had a switch for a couple of years but haven't really played it. My daughter, just turned 7 has played donkey kong once or twice but wondering what other games would be good for her?
Very limited experience using the controllers so something fun and easy to get in to?



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My daughter loves playing Animal Crossing. She has tried a few games on it and always goes back to it. I will add that if your daughter has friends of a similar age, sign up to the year membership (was around £18 quid) as this will also allow her to play with them visiting their islands and vis versa. What's more, you only need to allow those who you wish to allow
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Mario Odyssey ! :D
Animal Crossing :D
Pokemon :D


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Animal Crossing is the obvious pick.

Also worth considering the following:

Mario Odyssey
Mario 3D World
Captain Toad Treasure Tracker
Pikmin 3
Pokémon Let's Go Pikachu/Evee
Pokémon Sword/Sheild
Pokémon Diamond/Pearl
New Pokémon Snap
Yoshi's Wooly World
Kirby Star Allies

A Short Hike is a quality but cheap digital game that's also well worth a look.


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Thanks all, I'm going to go for animal crossing and Mario odyssey. I did like the idea of a Lego game but I would like to try out a Mario game myself :)


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Pratty's list is great. I'd say Mario Odessey 'might' be slightly hard for a 7 yr old and I haven't had experience of the Pokémon games. Yoshi, Kirby and Captain Toad would be my picks.


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The De Blob games might be worth considering, especially when they're are sale digitally since they were around a fiver each last time.


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I'd go for:

Captain Toad Treasure Tracker or Yoshi's Wooly World instead of a Mario game.

If your girl likes Pokémon, totally New Pokémon Snap. Let's go Pikachu might be a bit too much.

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