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Having issues with my Kef 10 inch woofer. Probebly worth fixing and I will try to get round to that, but might as well invest in a new one until I do, then will run x2 subs in main room.

I have Denon avr-45000 powering Monitor audio silver 6 + 1 as rear and centre.

I know I should be looking at Monitor audio silver sub, but they are £1000.
Shame i did not buy the silver sub when on sale at audiovisual online, as I think you could get it for arouind 500 to 600, but they are gone now.

They are selling Monitor Audio Radius 390 for £450. However, I don't care what brand I go for.

Any suggestions on the best sub for me (any deals you know of at this time?)

I could wait a bit, does anyone know when next sales will start, perhaps July?


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Personally i’d pass on the Monitor Audio and go for something from a dedicated sub manufacturer, for £500 you are right in the sweet spot for BK’s range of subs, I used to have (and still do in a second room) a XXLS400 which is a great sub for the price

B.K. Electronics Homepage


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They are selling the NEW P12-300SB-DF Subwoofer for £380 - this is a 300 RMS with a 12 inch. Do these BK subs work the same as others where you just plug in one RCA cable from the sub to the amp. Does seem good value for money.

Do others have experience with BK> althoough i can see a few good reviews on the web, nice to get them from actual people , who I know are not paid or sponsored by the company

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LFE Input - the BK range can usually be used with the conventional single LFE RCA Out of an AVR and or with the High Level Speaker Outputs of an AVR or HiFi amp.

AVF has a ‘search’ function - you will find lots of good feedback on the BK range.


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