Best Sub Connection (Easy question)


Philip Newton

I have a ecosse reference Producer cable and I was wondering if it would be ok to use as single connection from amp to sub as the alternative is a gold plated cheaper phono lead. I already have an excellent connection from dvd to amp. The producer is 75 ohms and I am not sure if this will be a worse connection


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Don´t see why not. I´m using Chord Chrysalis which is available as an interconnect as well. No harm in trying.:)

Philip Newton

I thought it would be you who answered thanks for that I will try it tonight.


75 ohms is for digital coaxial connection, I wouldn´t use it for the subwoofer, you will still get sound for sure, but it might not be the best possible...


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Though technically speaking Lowrider is totally correct I am not sure if you can hear any difference, I mean it's an analog connection with a very limited bandwith so I would rather think it will be fine. Nothing wrong with comparing it to a "normal" interconnect though ...

Nic Rhodes

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You will have no problems with audio frequencies, in fact many 75 ohm cables make great leads. I just wish I could say the same the other way around.

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