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Best sub £1200 LCD

Discussion in 'LCD & LED LCD TVs' started by EmmaJ, Jan 5, 2005.

  1. EmmaJ


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    Hi! New to the forums and to LCDs in general. Currently using a nasty 14" portable TV (My ex! He got the TV, I got the sound system) so I'm looking to buy my first LCD.

    I've been told a lot of things so far. I understand that I should try and get it from John Lewis for their price promise and 3 years cover. I've heard that Phillips make the best quality screens and that I should definitely be "HDTV" ready.

    I'm looking for something around 25-30 inches with "progressive scan". I'm going to need enough inputs for DVD/PVR and satellite (one day). I also want it to have integrated Freeview. I get Top-up TV so I'd want it to have a card slot too.

    I popped into Currys to look around recently and spoke to one of their experts who spent 5 minutes explaining to me such things don't exist and are a figment of my imagination. He helpfully told me that my last TV did not have a card slot because he'd never heard of it.

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