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Discussion in 'Video Streaming Boxes & Services' started by HDMania, Apr 3, 2016.

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    Hi, I am having a little trouble understanding what's the best solution currently for my requirements:

    * Wireless Video beaming from a windows 7 desktop PC (that has no built in Widi) to an HDMI flat screen TV 50 feet away.
    * Mainly for showing powerpoint presentations and mirroring the PC screen, but also has to play videos when needed (e.g. from inside the powerpoint presentation when it contains clips), youtube... HD quality.

    So I understand what an old WiDi box does, we tried two of those with a widi enabled PC Atom Tablet (Asus T100 Z3740), but they are not very reliable, constant disconnects. From what I understand no one is making those HDMI Widi beamer type devices anymore (I can only find older ones). So I looked into chromecast and streamers. But those seem to be geared towards watching videos and TV channels. We need to show a mirrored PC screen and also video in good quality. I saw that the ChromeCast has an experimental screen mirror mode but its cited as "not the best for video" so this probably means, if I put a powerpoint presentation with video on it, it will stutter. What, then?
    Something like this? (dongle mini pc- or a version with Windows on it)
    MK808B Android 4.2.2 Stick PC

    Will this handle a heavy powerpoint presentation with lots of audio and video?

    I'm greatful for any help... thanks

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