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Best store to buy cameras in New York


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I'm off to New York this weekend and wondered if anyone here could recommend a good store to purchase DSLR's? Thanks for any input.


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J&R on Park Row (Downtown pretty much opposite WTC site) is in my experince the biggest and best electronics store in NY. Have bought everything from DVDS and CDS to laptops over the last few years. Service is the best (by NY standards !) all goods officially world wide warranteed and the guys there generally know what they are talking about. Worth avisit.


Would also suggest a visit to DataVision on 5th Avenue & 39th (midtown opposite the NY public library). Not as large but good selection nonetheless, have bought a couple of iPods from here plus loads of memory cards with no problems.

Would suggest this kind of store (B&H is also a good bet) rather than the many smaller independents in NYC for overall piece of mind. Prices are good and can be checked in advance on the web and there is sometimes room for a further deal. Furthermore you should have no problems with international guarantee/warranty and neither will you be subjected to the usual nonsense about "well sir that's the price without the battery" etc etc.

Good luck.



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I'd recommend J&R and B&H as the others have. Bought a really good (and cheap) unbranded battery for my 350D in J&R that has been working great in the 4 months since I bought it. Staff in both shops are really helpful and friendly

I would definitely NOT recommend any of the camera shops around Times Sq as they will rip you off. I went into 3 (can't recall their names) and got the hard sell about something I wasn't interested in at all. One store initially tried to sell me a Canon zoom lens that can be bought for about £130 in the UK at $600! They then kept reducing the price each time I said "no thanks, I'm not interested" until the price was $250 ie still more expensive than the UK. They then got all upset when i walked out of the shop and accused me of wasting their time! Avoid Times Sq - stick to J&R and B&H and you'll be fine...


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another vote for B&H :smashin: and another caution about Time Square :thumbsdow. I had a similar experience Simon at a shop in TSq, after 10 mins of trying to escape the shop (because it would have been cheaper to buy in the UK) the assistant just started to ring it up on the cash till and tried to pretend he couldn't cancel it - unbelievable :eek:
Im due in New York in november and wanted to know if any one had any good tips about what to do and waht to see other than the norm, time sq, wtc ect or even where to get a good price for tickets to broadway shows. Will visit B&H as im looking to upgrade my camera.:smashin:


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NYC is an amazing place. It is a photographers dream - there are just SO many great photo ops. I'd recommend:

- Staten Island Ferry (excellent views of Manhattan and it's free)
- boat trip to Ellis Island and Statue of Liberty and then on to Liberty Park in New Jersey - you get another excellent view of Manhattan from Liberty Park - can especially recommend this at sun is setting, great night views of all the 'scrapers lit up
- helicopter trip over manhattan, ellis island and Liberty - they take off from near wall street - it was pricey but worth every $
- Walk over Brooklyn Bridge (which is stunning) and walk down to the rivers edge in Brooklyn for, you've guessed it, yet another great view of Manhattan!
- tour of Madison Square Gardens was great - a real surprise for me as I don't really like Basketball or hockey but it is really interesting - when we went there was a big circus show there and we got to see 10 minutes of the show for free as part of the tour
- Grand Central Station is beautiful inside
- St Patrick's cathedral is another good photo op inside
- I was a bit disappointed with Times Sq TBH, it is overrated IMO, Central Park also (but I went in March and none of the trees had leaves yet so didn't look at it's best)
- obviously the view from the top of ESB is great
- not sure about Broadway tickets as shows aren't my cup of tea but I'd recommend a trip to any cinema - the sound and pic quality of an American cinema is much better than the norm over here (most seemed to have digital screens)
- eat in any of the 26000 restaurants - we ate in loads of places and didn't have a disappointing meal once, everywhere seems to be good with HUGE portions

See here for some photos I took while in NYC in March. When we went there weren't many tourists as tourist season starts in April so a lot of the attractions eg ESB were quiet so there weren't any queues. I'd guess November would be similar...

Have fun (and don't spend too many $s in B&H, J%R etc, etc)

B&H should let you check internet prices in the store so you can check that you're actually saving money.

EDIT: also, don't know how long you are going for but we went for 6 nights and it wasn't enough to fit in everything I wanted to do! Plus, we did the helicopter ride on the last day which was great as it was the highlight for me and as I'd been there for 5 days already I could work out what everything was from the sky eg there is the ESB and there is the Chrysler Building, there is Ellis Island etc

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