Best Stereo Speakers for Rotel 1066/1075


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Im looking to upgrade my front stereo pair of speakers and my center speaker from Mission M74s and the 77C speakers. Im just wondering if anybody has any recommendations, particularly for the front stereo pair, as Im mainly interested in improving music listening.


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The size of the room is 5m x 3m and I was looking at £2000 to cover all three front speakers. I was considering the Mission 78 series, as Im going to hang on to my 77DS rears, although Im after something that will work well with rock music and movies.


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Monitor Audio GS10's plus GS Centre, will set you back about £1,300.....they punch well above their weight quality/money wise.....good for movies as well, but their mainstay is music, dunno your particular amps, but i'd recommend chucking these on the list for a demo.......

the better the amping they get the better they sound tho.....i use mine (the GR predecessors)on a £1,500 MF A5 amp purely as stereo speakers....however i'm still toying with the idea of fixing up a 5.1 setup of these speakers....but im loathe to as my silvers do so well with the would be more for m/channel music i'd be upgrading......tuff decisions going on in my


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Dont bother with the Missions. I`ve used both amps with a pair of Proac D15 floorstanders and the RMB1075 is a good match. Although they list at £1800 you should be able to find a good used/ex demo pair for around a grand. You won`t be dissapointed. You will notice a massive improvement.
The Proac CC1 center is around £400 - £500 but I would recommend a Cyrus CLS50 center which can be found for around £150 and is a perfect audio match.
Spendor, Audio Physic & Totem would also be worth investigating.


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Appreciate the suggestions! Just curious as to what others use with their rotels, or have used?

I had considered Proacs and Spendors along with PMC. Im a little bit restricted with the height of the center speaker as it will sit on a shelf on my ash designs cosmic av rack. the max height I can comfortably fit is 20cm. Fortunatley no real restrictions on the floorstanders!


I've got B&W 7NT's

Work fine for me. Sound nice, look ok in the room. They were a reasonably good price second hand and haven't let me down.


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I would give the PMC's a listen, as I use the DB1's with a TB2 centre on a Rotel 1098 and 1095 combo. I did have them connected to a 1075 until I upgraded and was very happy.



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I've definetely got a thing for the FB1s, just in terms of looks and reviews so may have to see if I can get a demo. Ill also see if I can check out the Proac's. I may also get a new CD player in time, from what has been a very trusty Arcam CD72T, to try and improve the music side of things. If anybody has any suggestions on these aswell, that would be superb! Personally I was thinking about the Primare CD player that sits at £1500, but I'm uncertain as to wether or not this would be overkill.



I have very similar HC kit and can highly recommend the Sonus faber 'Home' range. They're not to everyone's taste aesthietically, though. They're crystal clear and the Grand Piano as front L&R are driven nicely by the larger Rotel power amps. You should certainly be able to find a pair of SF GPs & the SF 'Solo' centre for your 2K...

Afterthought: I auditioned some B&W's some time ago & they too were impressive (IMHO),

Hope this helps,


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