Best speakers to wall mount next to plasma?


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Hello everybody,

Just finished building what is to be the wall to mount a plasma screen with wall mounted speakers next to the screen(see picture)

What do you guys recomment as good quality speakers that at the same time will look nice on the right and left of the screen.

Thank you


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Don't know what your budget is but if you can wait a month or so for PMC's 'Wafer' speaker system I doubt you'll be dissapointed. Far better than the usual offereings from Artcoustic etc.


I would recommend the M&K MP-150's as they look great when mounted more or less flush to the wall and the performance is superb too... :thumbsup:

BTW : There is some up for sale in the Hardware Classifieds and at an excellent price..


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Budget is around 1k including the receiver.

Any more ideas?


Kightshade, how would you/could you compare the PMC wafers to the KEF 9000? They seem to be about the same price and form factor . . .

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