Best speakers for NAD C372


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Hi everybody!!

I'm about to buy the NAD C372 and I'd like you to help me on which speakers would be most suitable. I've only heard a few as it is not very easy to find this amp on demo in many stores.

Thank you very much!!


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I used to use my NAD C370 (older version of yours) with Mission M74 which worked well. I think the replacements are the Mission M3_ range.

The C370, despite sounding a touch mushy(blurred), overall had quite a balanced sound so I'm sure would work well with most types of speakers, avoiding any dull sounding ones.


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i would agree, my c370 is smooth sounding so perhaps a brighter sounding pair of speakers would be good. b&w 603 s3 and dynaudio 52 spring to mind. i like the sound of my MA s6's with my nad, very easy to listen too but still bags of control and insight.


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From my experience: JBL, Ruark, Tannoy Saturn (dual concentric designs) and NHT work well with NAD amplification. Also NAD have a "relationship" with Dali speakers, or they used to. Because of this I would reccomend listening to them if you can find them.
KEF, Castle and Mission 75 series don't like NAD amplification. As the others have said smooth. less bright, sounding speakers tend to be a bit lifeless. More upbeat speakers are a better bet.



the brand new aelite's from acoustic energy seem to like every amp i've tried so far and i remember the whole catalogue of AE working quite well with the C370
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