Best Speakers for an ageing system.


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Hello, due to financial and convenience reasons I am stuck using an old
Hitachi Opus 2 system and require some decent sounding speakers for it.

Output: 50w + 50w
Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.5%
Sensitivity: 40µv(S/N 26dB)
Speakers: Load Impedance 8 - 16 Ohms

£0 - £300

Deep but clear sound for normal listening, but also capable of reasonable quality volume output for house parties.

Do you guys have any good ideas?


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Those do look nice, that unit looks pretty dismal in the specs section I know but I plan to replace it at some point. Thanks for the quick reply :) Keep 'em coming!
My current amplification unit doesn't have the outputs for bi-wiring? will single wiring actually make a difference to the quality?
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They're great speakers and that is indeed a great price... 50 watts isn't exactly a poor amount, if you cranked it up too loud, they'd distort i'm sure... but you could easily tell when that was and turn it down a little.

You could consider picking up a cheap hifi amp from the classifieds here.... if you're that bothered about the poor aged thing!


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Lol well it still works and through headphones at least sounds good. I did used to have a pair of Mordant Short 902is connect to it but they belonged to a friend and didn't provide the deepness in the size room I have.

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