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Best speakers for £500?


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Hi everyone,

I'm after some advice on a set of new speakers to be used in conjunction with my Yamaha RX-V667 AV recevier.

I'm looking for the best 5.1 speakers with a budget of £500. I can spend more if its worth it.

I look forward to your suggestions.


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Can you give us some sense of the space the system will be in? Room Dimensions?

£500 is on the lean side, though not impossible. But to start we need some sense of the size of the space, so we can make a guess at the size of the speaker to fill that space.

Again with little or no information to go on, I would suggest you take a look at Q Acoustic 3000 packages. Though the Sub, while very compact, is a bit less than ideal. So whether you go with the Q Acoustic Sub of some other, will depend on things you haven't told us yet.

You can buy a complete 5.1 Q Acoustic 3000 package for about £640/set -

Q Acoustics 3000 Speaker System - Home Cinema Packs (5.1) - Speakers

However, I would suggest that you get 3020 in front (130mm vs 100mm), 3010 in the rear, the 3090C Center speakers, and a BK Electroncs Gemini Subwoofer. Not sure what that comes to, the 3020 are a bit more, but the Gemini Sub is a bit less. So, the price is going to be close to that listed.

BK Electronics - Gemini Subwoofer

I recently had a home trial of the Q Acoustic 3020 and was very impressed, I'm still using them on my computer.

Now there are smaller and larger packages to consider, but with no sense of the space or limitations, it is hard to make recommendations.

For example, there is this package - Yamaha NS-F51 Floorstanding - (no Sub) for £417 -

Yamaha NS-F51 Speaker Package (5.1) Black - Home Cinema Packs (5.1) - Speakers

Add an additional £225 for the Gemini Sub, and you are set.

NOTE: Upon further inspection, the above package does come with a Yamaha Sub, which would be enough to get you started.

Moving in the other direction in terms of size, we have something like this -

Monitor Audio Mass 5.1 Package - £599/set -

Monitor Audio MASS Speaker Package (5.1) - Home Cinema Packs (5.1) - Speakers

Myself, I would never consider small Lifestyle speaker system, though I can see circumstances where they could be the right choice for someone else.

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Hi Blue Wizard,

Thank you for your reply and suggestions.

The dimensions of the room are rougly 16ft x 15ft, and a hieght of 7ft 8.

I have been looking at the Q Acoustics 3000 set myself. Are these any different to the older Q Acoustics 2000i set?


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Hi Blue Wizard,


I have been looking at the Q Acoustics 3000 set myself. Are these any different to the older Q Acoustics 2000i set?

As it happens, I also auditioned the Q Acoustic 3050 floorstanding speakers. I was very impressed, though they need some space.

My listening area is about 16ft x 16ft, though the opens space is larger due to open floorplan. I sit about 10ft from the speakers, and that is roughly the distance that the video was recorded at (10ft).

If you want an excellent deal on speakers, these two are offered at pretty substantial discounts.

KEF Q700 Speakers (Pair) - Superfi

Wharfedale Diamond 240 Floor Standing Speakers (Pair) - Superfi

But they are £500/pair, not per 5.1 Set. £500 for a 5.1 Set of speakers is very very low. I would suggest you consider just getting 2.1 or 3.0, but even then your budget is lean.

2.1 would be Front Speakers and a Sub, and 3.0 would be Front and Center. You could pull that off for about £500 and get quality speakers.

Again, in bookshelf speakers, I would consider -

£279/pr = Q Acoustic 3020 - Front
£199/pr = Q Acoutic 3010 - Surround
£139/ea = Q Acoustic 3090C - Center

Probably the best Subs for the Money would be BK Electronics -

£225 to £250 = BK Gemini 10" Subwoofer


£330 to £365 = BK XLS200 10" Subwoofer



Again, if your budget is lean, you are probably better off starting with few but better speakers, rather than trying to come up with a compromised 5.1 system.

As to the Q Acoustic 3000 series vs the Q Acoustic 2000i Series, the 2000i were considered very good, and should have the same characteristic as the 3000 series. If you can find a bargain on the 2000i series, they are well worth considering. And, I don't think you would have any problem mixing and matching the 2000i and the 3000 series. If you can lower you budget by getting 2000i, but can't find certain models, for example, if you can't find the 2000i Center, you could get the 3000 Center instead.

If you can find the Front THREE - Front/Center - in the 2000i Series, you should be able to come in very close to your budget.



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The 3000 series is the replacement for the 2000 series so they are the same level of speaker but a newer model. There are supposed to be some improvements in sound from the 3000 to the 2000 but I would not expect the difference to be massive. The 2000 series have been sold at some very low prices making them very good value for money and hard to ignore.
The 667 really deserves better speakers to get the most from it and I would be looking at speaker sets in the £1k to £1.5k range with that receiver. Hence I would suggest using the £500 to buy the front pair of speakers for now and then add the other speakers as funds allow.


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From all I've read, the 3000 does offer noticeable improvement over the 2000, but I'm sure that is dependent on the listener and how much of an audiophile someone is. Certainly the 2000s can be had for a great price now, so as said it makes them hard to ignore on a budget. Subwoofer is undoubtedly the weak point though, as it often is with any budget speaker set, so if you can (and this has been suggested to me by several people), try to pick up a sub the other speakers separately rather than going for the 5.1 set.

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