Best speaker cable for about 1-1.15 per metre


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As it says really, looking for speaker cable around about a £1 a metre please and would love some recommendations and reliable website links if you have some please


Edit: Whoops sorry should've posted in cables forum, if a mod could move Id be very greatful please
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I recently bought some speaker cable from a shop called Class Ohlson (not sure if you have a store nearby) and they only do reels of 10 and 25m. I think I paid £9 for multi strand OFC 2 core 2.5mm thick very good heavy cable and works pretty well. :)

Clas Ohlson - speaker cable cable electrical DIY products for house and home, technology and hobbies

If you have a local store pop down and check out the cable section for cable sizes im certain i bought the 2.5mm stuff but they also do it other sizes. :)
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