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Just inviting opinions on the best soundcard to buy for my system. I have put my old PC into my cinema room Sim2 200DM projector to mainly use to surf the net on a big scale and have the tv in a window in the corner Hauppauge win TV PVR250. However I would like to use the PC as a MP3 jukebox for my CD collection that I have converted, the sound from the onboard sound system is not up to much. Which sound card do you think would be best for outputting the MP3 to my amp (Denon AVC1se) I am not interested in passing the output from the DVD player to my amp as I am happy with my DVD player (Arcam DV27) which outputs progressive scan to the projector.

So advice on the best sound card below

Thanks in advance



In my opinion, mp3 files are pretty low quality, so I guess you could use any cheapo soundcard for playback - I'd probably go for the cheapest soundblaster available..


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