Best Soundbar for TV *AND* Music


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What is the best soundbar for TV and music? IS there such a thing?

I currently have a Yamaha YSP 2500 which is great for TV & Films but feels a bit off when playing music through it. My little bose speakers in the office sound better for some reason.

Is there anything that would likely satisfy both needs or am I being a bit fussy? The only thing I can find with good reviews for both is the Dali Kubik One, which I'd happily get if it worked.

Does anyone who perhaps has tested these have an opinion?


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To my ears the Paradigm Soundcape beats the Yamaha YSP 2500 quite comfortably for music,
It is one of the only soundbars I've heard which produces a full sound, and weighty bass
without the real need for a sub unless you want it (I do)!

When it comes to films now, the Yamaha will show the paradigm a clean pair of heels - for surround experience, but NOT sound quality, so, up to this point in time, much to the delight of our 'dedicated 5.1 family' you're not going to get the best of both worlds with a soundbar.

As regards the Dali. When i heard it it sounded great in 2 channel, but for films? Crisp, good dialogue but no decoding of DD, DTS, D-THD or DTS-MA, so no possbility of producing any kind surround.
In the meantime I have been reading on here that the Denon HEOS also sounds good,
and Sony do an HT-RT5 which has wireless rear speakers.

The answer may lie with the new Yamaha YSP5600 but lets wait and see what the reviews say.
In the meantime I think that you're going to have to compromise based on what you listen to most i guess. Music or Film?


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The kef v720w soundbar is great for tv and great with music, it's only a 2.1 with no dolby or dts decoding, but stellar sound


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Arcan Solo bar perhaps?

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