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I’m looking for some recommendations please. I’m looking for a sound solution for a large room with a high ceiling. Firstly, this is not my primary AV setup. I have an excellent Dolby Atmos setup in a dedicated room which is perfect for movies, so I’m not looking for similar here.

The room in question is a sitting room where we occasionally watch TV. I have a JBL 2.1 in this room, but it’s just not cutting it. We sit about 15 feet from it, and I can’t make out dialogue half the time, and end up watching with subtitles on.

What I’m hoping for is a good soundbar, with our without subwoofer, that has a proven track record for good sound in big open rooms.

Does such a thing exist, or am I looking for a unicorn?

Thanks in advance.


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Just under the tv, replacing the one in the picture. Not overly concerned with looks, sound quality will be the deciding factor.


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I can't tell whether the depth or width are adequate for a soundbar designed to fil if a large room.

For your room layout I would buy a Sony HT-A9.


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Where in the room will the soundbar sit? If on the chimney breast then a white Sonos Arc would blend in well.
Thanks for the advice. I read the reviews and it looks the part, especially the ability to tweak dialogue from the app. I just picked up a white one. I’ll set it up tonight and report back!


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I may be selling my boesound stage if I like the Samsung I just bought. Immaculate condition in anthracite with additional black cover. 2 year manufacturers warranty left.

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