Question Best soundbar around £400?


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Hi, looking for a soundbar which I can wall mount below my TV (Samsung UE49MU6400) . Been shopping around but find there's just too much choice and it's rather confusing (note I'm also new to this!)

My use will mainly be for watching TV and movies (streaming plus sky q).
What I do know is I'd like 3 front channels as a minimum plus a subwoofer . Not too bothered about having 'virtual' surround, though it would be an added bonus. Wireless subwoofer is also preffered as i like having the least amount of wires possible!

My budget is £400 at an absolute push. Any help and suggestions is appreciated! Thanks


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Yamaha offer a solid range, Samsung , the msw650 has enjoyed useful reductions now less than 300 used to be nearer 500, solid performer, Sonos Beam, some good stuff out there at the Mo and the sharp as mentioned.


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Amazon are selling the Sony HT-G700 for £405 if you have Prime. Very good price for a very new and great SB.


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Thanks everyone. So I ended up buying the Samsung Q60R. Through a work discount scheme and credit card rewards I managed to get it for £220 instead of the retail price of £329 from Curry's.

I was originally looking at the newer Q60T model but the reviews of the Q60T didn't seem to justify the additional £300 over its q60r predecessor! (that and the deal was too good to ignore!)

Had it for a few days now, whilst it's yet to be mounted to the wall, I have been impressed with it so far. Seamless set up with my Samsung TV and would recommended to anyone, even at £329!

One thing to note is both occasions I went into Curry's, they were adament that the unit didn't come with wall mounts, even though the Samsung website says it does. Their adamence almost deterred me from buying the unit. One even went into the back to check the box and still came back saying it didn't! I decided to ignore his advice and trust Samsung and guess what...the mounts were included in the box...

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