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First of all I apologise if there's a more suited category to post this in.

I'm looking for a sound card for around £100 which I'll be able to hook up to a surround sound amp at a later date so preferably a 5.1 - 7.1 capable card. It goes without saying that I also want the best audio performance possible for the money. I'm not sure when I'll be buying a new sound system (I've been wanting to for about 2 and a half years now) so I'll be using the card for my existing 5.1 Creative PC speakers for now.

The card will be used for music (CD or mp3), games and the occassional movie.

I've seen the HDA Mystique 7.1 card capable of true Dolby Digital which is quite tempting but I was wondering if there were any alternatives.



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You may find the PC section more useful,but at your price range,one of the M-Audio or Audiotrak cards may offer what you want,as well as decent performance.

I'll move the post for you.


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Not being nasty but...with those speakers would it really make an audible difference? And if you want to move to an external surround amp you would only need digital outs anyway....I'd go the cheapest you can get ;-) But if its game support you are after and mp3...It seems that the Soundblaster Xi-Fi is the top dog at the moment...


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At the moment I just use 6 channel onboard sound, so it would most definitely make a difference, albeit a relatively small one, to the sound on the existing speakers.

I should have mentioned that I'm planning to buy some Ultrasone HFI650 headphones for us with the card as well.

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