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I’m looking for the best solution to allow me to output video/audio from a sky mini box to two televisions simultaneously.

Also I have two wall mounted speakers near one of these TVs (swimming pool house) which would be useful to output audio from with the option of also using the speakers to play music.

I believe an amp with hdmi mirror to 2 outputs would work with the additional feature of Bluetooth to allow Spotify streaming from phone or inbuilt etc.

Anyone have any suggestions as what’s a good reasonably priced solution?



I have moved this to the cable and switches section of the forum. If you haven't seen already, you can read and search similar topics here: Cables & Switches

For example: Question - Distributing Freesat to multiple TV's in Office where the user mentions the specific equipment he's looking at buying to distribute the signal.

For the speakers, you can use a designated amp to drive them and connect the TV via an optical connection for audio. All TVs have optical outputs now. Lots of amps have music streaming built in.

If the speakers already have an amp, or if they are powered you can just connect a designated music streamer. If they are powered speakers though you'll still need a device to switch the TVs audio to them.

Using an AVR may work too but you may face more limitations with HDCP and if connecting two different TVs, problems also with HDMI EDID, but I'm sure there are people who know a lot more than me in this section that may be able to help you with that.

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What cabling is in place between the Mini box and the TV?

It is likely less hassle and cost to simply add a second Mini box - more flexible too.

Loudspeakers (hopefully of the water proof type!) what cabling is in place and where does it run too?

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