Best solution to clean a LCD TV


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Can any body tell me what i should use to clean my LCD TV, i have a 3 year old who keeps touching the screen to my annoyment and there are dirty patches when tv off.
I just cant seem to wipe them off, i use a damp cloth but no luck so was wondering if there is a product out there for LCD TV or the best way.
Any Ideas.


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I let my family use my computer monitor and its always got fingerprints and smudges on it so I use optical lens wipes (the types you get for cleaning camera lenses and spectacles) and that cleans it up nicely.


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You need a microfibre cloth - can get them in most supermaket chains for a couple of pounds each.

hammer man

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What about the tub of LCD wipes from PC world. They say they can be used on laptop screens ,TV's etc

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