Best solution for this TiVO/FreeSat situation?


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Hey folks, hope you are all well,

I am moving to a flat and will be signing up with Virgin Media with a TiVO package, now, the bottom TV package suits me fine, aside from ONE channel, I love the Horror channel (I know I know) but that is, strangely, on their 'XL' TV package only!

I don't fancy forking out all the extra money per month just for that one channel, so wondered if there is a solution here.

Obviously it (horror channel) is free on Freesat and there is a communal dish outside apparently! So I was thinking;

1) Buy a freesat TV, hook up the virgin media box, best of both worlds (providing I can get someone to hook an aerial feed to the existing sky dish outside?)

IF I did this, how would I/could I then watch the channels in another room, ie the bedroom? I don't mind if it changes a channel in the main room as I won't be watching it in 2 places at once?

Bear in mind, whilst there is no furniture in the flat at the moment, it is a good time to run any extra wires etc if this is easier!?

Silly to some I know for one channel, but I can't help bad taste in movies!:)

Thank you in advance for any help,


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Not really sure what your Freesat intentions have to do with Virgin Media, but …

You can't do as you want with a Freesat TV because TVs don't have video output. You need a Freesat or Freeview box with outputs that you can split between your main TV and a TV in another location.

You could buy both a Freesat TV and a Freesat box and then split the sat feed, but this may degrade the signal. You could erect a sat dish with dual LNBs, one for each feed?

Anyway, here are some ways of distributing the signals in relation to the Virgin box:

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