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Answered Best solution for overheating amp..


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Hi all..

I'm using a TEAC A-R600 stereo amp to drive two 4 ohm shaker/transducers on a racing sim rig that I'm building for my son.
It puts out 150w per channel and is rated to drive 4-16ohm speakers. It works very well and produces an ideal amount of vibration feedback around the 50-60% volume mark but overheats and temp protection mode kicks in after about 10 mins of use. It does have a small slow moving fan inside but it is clearly not adequate for this load.

I merely turn down the treble to min and increase bass to Max at the moment but have a (line level) cut off/crossover control unit on its way from BG.

My questions are..

Will setting the cut off to 60 hz on the crossover help make the transducers easier to drive and thus reduce heat... or...

Do I really need to add some 12v PC type fans to help dissipate the heat... and if so... will I likely be able to find a decent 12v DC voltage source inside the amp that I can tap into for the fans?

Any insight on the best approach to deal with this would be much appreciated..



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If the fan is slow moving it might be on a low voltage. PC fans can be controlled in terms of speed by voltage pr PWM. Have a look at the fan , there should be a specification label. What are the fan dimensions?


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Thank you..

No fan spec label (on either side) unfortunately.
It's a 2 wire fan as seen in the pic. There is a temp sensor on the heatsink going to the pcb, I'm wondering the temp sensor is faulty and why the fan isn't speeding up (if it is pwm controlled).
I'm not minded to replace the sensor as I'd rather just retrofit a couple of 8-12 cm fans below the casings top vents (plenty room) I'm now thinking I'd probably be best powering them externally, got plenty old wall wart power bricks I could use.
It's already a clutter of wires/cables so a few more won't hurt... fan noise won't be an issue most of the time but an easy cheap fan speed controller wouldn't be a bad thing to have.



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I could have sw3orn the fan was turning previously but its not. New fan required. I get a reading of 4.96v from the fan header so will just have to source a 6cm mounting fan.


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