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About a year ago I had some HDMI cables and my speaker cables chased into the wall. Because it was a solid wall, these were just filled in and it was largely fine apart from what I thought was a receiver issue when playing DV content. Long story short, the installer used High Speed Cables, and I've tested everything in my system within an inch of it's life and it only manifests when using these cables. replaced with monoprice premium certified and no issues whatsoever since, other than having a fat cable dangling down.

Installer is happy to come and replace as I've explained what the issue is, but I dont want to have to do this again when I upgrade and ultra high speed cables are needed, so looking at what is the best option for putting something in that I can feed cables through? Cables used are 3M in length currently, which I understand is the likely max length for UHS cables.

Currently I have 2x HDMI (1x as backup) and an optical cable in the wall. I'd basically be keeping this setup although the 3m monoprice are thicker than the 2m High Speed ones that are in there now, with the existing brush plates remaining in place - is there a common product that can be put in the wall to allow these cables to be fed through?

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I normally use a 32mm or 40mm conduit depending on whether there are bends or not. 32mm is OK for straight runs and you can get a couple of 'normal' HDMI cables down it (one after another) or if you have a few bends *that are not tight radii then 40mm allows for the HDMI plug to travel around the bends, Something like this
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Here are some pictures of my 13m x 40mm conduit that I installed in my kitchen last year


Conduit going through noggins


45mm Back box opened up to take a 40mm conduit


Conduit and backbox in place with puller cord. Both the conduit and the back box are chased in so that they sit nicely behind the plasterboard


Opposite end of conduit with cables pulled through and sealed in a Tesco bag to protect them from plaster


Cables pulled through at backbox. Sealed in Tesco bag to protect from plaster. There is 1 x RuiPro Hybrid Fibre HDMI, 2 x Cat6, 1 x Toslink and 1 x Sub Cable in this conduit. The sub cable is looped back as it goes to a lower back box.
The scribing on the wall is where the TV Bracket will sit relative to the back boxes.


Sub Cable back box is on the left (Cable is wrapped in polythene bag)


Final install. Sub is on the right hand side of the sofa
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