Best software to convert audio to mp3?


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Could someone please tell me which software is the best to convert my cd audio into mp3 file format?

This is so I can use it on my phone.

Many Thanks



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There are many applications but my tip would be to look for one that uses the LAME encoder. The application I use is Audiograbber because of the way it copes with various artist compilation CDs. I did pay for my copy a couple of years ago, but it is now Freeware got to for more info.



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I've downloaded this but how the hell do I get a track from my cd into a mp3 format. I may be being really stupid but I cant get it to do anything.

Please help


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Exact audio copy or razorlame as the front end, LAME as the encoder.


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Due to my bundled software for zen extra not handling a damaged cd, i have downloaded audio grabber & lame as advised above.

Although the audio grabber has tested the cd and said it is ok I cant seem to set audio grabber to use lame at the rate of 192kb (it says 128kb), i cant even get lame software to open as there seems to be no icon?

Help please before i mess things up further.

Also how does this effect my play list within mediasource organiser, do i inport it or??


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