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Basically very simple question.

I record stuff onto my set-top player (Philips 880) using DVD+RW
I would like to stick this in my PC edited bits of it (just basic stuff) and then burn it onto DVD.

Simple really.

One thing that is important is that I want the image quality to be as good as it gets as I record everything in 1 hr mode (HQ Mode) for the best results.

Please let me know what suggestions you have.
I recently asked a similar question before and was recommended to use Video studio 7. This is no good to me as apparently it does not accept AC-3 audio which is what my player records in.
I tried the trial version and everything was fine except there was no audio present.

Any help would really be appreciated as I am running out of DVD+RW discs.


Come on Guys....Someone out there must be able to help me.:lease:


Lee, have a look on here http://www.dvdrhelp.com/ ,its not very often we get to rip a DVD then burn back to one !

what i do is use the s video o/p from my sky+ box ( plus the audio) through a Canopus A to D converter then edit the resultant AVI file with Virtualdub ( you will get all the info fron vcd help) then do what ever i need to do to it, however to get anything back to a DVD it has to be converted into compliant mpeg 2 again more help from above..... good luck


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I use Ulead DVD Studio and love it. The new Version 2 allows Dolby Digital encoding with your home movies. Worth a look?


What is the Picture Quality like for Ulead DVD Studio?
I want to keep the quality as high as possible


OK I am losing the will to live now.
I downloaded the Ulead Mediastudio pro and guess what.....No audio!

I have tried Videostudio 7 and now moviestudio pro and both of them give me no audio on my videos that I capture from DVD.

Am I doing something wrong? Has anyone else had this problem?

Do I perhaps have to capture audio separately from video?

Can't believe this is so difficult.


If the output is labled AC-3 are you sure its not RF AC-3 rather than the normal digital AC-3. If so you need a RF demodulator to cconvert the signal. This happens alot for Laser Disc players.


Not sure Mr badass. I have noticed something else which is different to other downloads I have tried.

When I captured video to my hard drive there was never any audio present, not even when I played this clip through Powerdvd or windows media player.

When I do the same thing with Mediastudio Pro I don't get the audio but when I play the video captured through something else the audio is present.
I also played the captured video through Moviestudio 2 and the audio was there also.
Could it be that I've got one of the settings wrong or is this info totally irrelevant?
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