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I am currently using a 4K monitor for PC use. It is 39" TV with 3 HDMI. I bought this TV about 9 years ago, when 4K monitors for PC were expensive. This imported 4K TV worked out really well. I have multiple PCs and I use the remote control to switch HDMI signals.

My research is outdated. I recall that when connecting a PC to a 4K TV, some TVs tended to soften the images. However, this might be okay for films, but no good for a PC, as the fonts become fuzzy. I want a TV, which will be okay for PC use.

I have a 39" TV, but the smallest seem to be 43". I prefer something smaller. I want to avoid the tennis eyeballs. My dad buy a 4K monitor, but it was a pain to switch as the controls where under the monitor. I love my TV as it had a remove control and I can change the HDMI source (as I have multiple PC). My TV has sound, so it saves on buying extra speakers and it works well

1. 4K
2. Size - 39" (or smaller?). If not 43"....
3. Minimum 3 HDMI
4. Headphone jack (for late night movies).
5. Remote control for multiple PCs (so I can select HDMI source quickly)
6. Technology - LCD / OLED etc... - which one?
7. Great sound - Important. Saves me getting seperate PC speakers (plus can share sound accross my multie PC).
8. Sometimes on my PC. I like to watch TV - is there something like Picture in Picture (or something else).
9. Can I get Netflix or other 4K streaming on my PC. So DRM compatible.
10. Adjuting brightness, as I will be close up. So no pimped up colours. Natural. I want to be able to dull the brightess in the evenings.
11. Turns on quick. My TV takes a few seconds to start up e.g. logo.
12. Anything else?



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I think one like this

there pretty much all the same at this size.
Headphone jack are hard to find now days but you may be able to get Bluetooth ones.

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