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Hi, we want a 32" TV. We have a small space, we could do 40" but prefer 32". This is our primary TV.

  1. Watching OTA broadcast from an antenna.
  2. Streaming via HDMI from a laptop computer.
  3. Wider viewing preferred, watching from about 6' away, in all lighting conditions, and most types of content (movies, sports, OTA TV show broadcasts).
  4. Gaming not needed though.
So, we mainly want simple interface. We don't even need a Smart TV really, but they are hard to avoid. We'd be happy with HDMI and/or Chromecast, plus the OTA.
  1. We can add an external speaker for better sound.
  2. A good tuner sensitivity would be nice for the OTA.
  3. We don't need the greatest, fastest, bestest tech. But maybe not four-year-old HD tech either.
  4. We use a few different streaming platforms, but we tend to switch around: Disney+, HULU, ESPN, Sling Orange, Britbox, and MLB. And OTA. We use both Chrome and Windows PCs, as well as iPhones.
So... I get lost in the sea of options. I think I am close to choosing, but then the reviews say the model has a terrible wide viewing coverage. Then I choose another, and the reviews say the smart platform is a hassle to use, esp. if you aren't using the smart apps.

That said: simplicity of interface is probably the key consideration.

Someone please tell me what to buy. Thanks


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T5300 is a solid model but for viewing angle you will want an IPS type of panel. Not sure if that has one or if the Panasonic has one. This Sony I've had on my personal list ... (but I wouldn't have paid more than 300 for it simply because they have been around for a while. Now that they are getting scarce you might just have to ...). There are some interesting Philips models as well but never liked their overcomplicated menu system ...

This could possibly be an option as well (like the T5300 you can't be sure whether or not it has an IPS type of panel but a version of these two tv's with an IPS panel does exist) Samsung The Frame QE32LS03T 32" Full HD (1920x1080) LCD Smart TV (TVs)

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You can't really find anything decent smaller than 50" nowadays. Maybe if you don't mind paying for it a 32" Q50A will be a small step up compared to other models but otherwise I'd say best just buy cheap or keep with what you have on the premise no matter what you choose you aren't going to get anything future proof, nor anything that has good picture quality.

In the USA there may be more choice than Europe, but it still doesn't take away the fact there are just no good TVs sold at smaller sizes now. Could you fit a 42" OLED when they come out? That would be the best thing, and worth waiting for. Should be this year hopefully!
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