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Hi all,
I have a 5.1 system running from an Arcam Solo Movie but need your help to improve on the R90HD's as the front stereo speakers for music.

Whatever I go for, they have to be small, less than 310mm high, and for family politics, they have to be white!!

I have considered rebuilding our shelving to fit some Dali Zensor 3's but that idea didn't go down well in our household.

So, would you go for KEF QW100; Dali Zensor 1; Monitor Audio Silver 1, or something else?

I have recently replaced my Quad L-ite speakers and sub with Monitor Audio R90HD's R180centre & R390sub. All great for movies, but I find the music capabilities disappointing, especially in the midrange. With the sub, of course the set-up kicks out good bass and the treble, the detail and soundstage of the R90HD is amazing but sometimes I don't want to have to rely on the sub and even then I find the midrange is missing something. I like a rich or slightly warm but crisp detailed sound with strong performance at high and low frequencies and so I need to improve on the R90's bias to the upper frequencies.

Thanks, looking forward to your recommendations.


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KEF Q100 if you need front ported, R100 if you have more budget and at a little space behind them.

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