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Hi all,
I have a 5.1 system running from an Arcam Solo Movie but need your help to improve on the R90HD's as the front stereo speakers for music.

Whatever I go for, they have to be small, less than 310mm high, and for family politics, they have to be white!!

I have considered rebuilding our shelving to fit some Dali Zensor 3's but that idea didn't go down well in our household.

So, would you go for KEF QW100; Dali Zensor 1; Monitor Audio Silver 1, or something else?

I have recently replaced my Quad L-ite speakers and sub with Monitor Audio R90HD's R180centre & R390sub. All great for movies, but I find the music capabilities disappointing, especially in the midrange. With the sub, of course the set-up kicks out good bass and the treble, the detail and soundstage of the R90HD is amazing but sometimes I don't want to have to rely on the sub and even then I find the midrange is missing something. I like a rich or slightly warm but crisp detailed sound with strong performance at high and low frequencies and so I need to improve on the R90's bias to the upper frequencies.

Thanks, looking forward to your recommendations.

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Hello Pigeonaudio,

We're not exactly neutral in these matters, but we'd recommend you consider Q Acoustics' award-winning Concept 20 and 3020 models.

We don't think anyone (who has actually heard them :)) could dispute they are outstanding speakers; they are available in white and fit comfortably within your required dimensions.

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First, small speakers have small bass, you have to accept that.

Next, what is your BUDGET, and are you buying Front and CENTER? To keep consistent balance of sound across the front, it is recommended that Front and Center be brand and series matched.

The Q Acoustic are indeed very good speakers for the money, and they are certainly worth considering. Plus the price is modest.

The Monitor Audio Silver 1 is a very nice speaker with very deep bass, and if it will fit your space, you should certainly consider it. But the difference in price between the Q Acoustic 3020 and the Monitor Audio Silver 1 is considerable.

The Dali Zensor 1 receiver a very positive review in Stereophile Magazine. So they are also speakers well worth considering. These again are a bit more modestly priced.

£189/pr = Q Acoustic 3020
£310/pr = Q Acoustic Concept 20
£199/pr = Dali Zensor 1
£500/pr = Monitor Audio Silver 1

You'll have to check the dimension on all these speakers to make sure both height and depth work for you.

For reference, the Monitor Audio Radius 90 are £350/pr with 4" bass driver and response down to 80hz.



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For my tuppence worth I would be looking at the Q ACOUSTICS Concept 20. They fit the ops requirements and on cost / value basis they deliver more than they should. The Concept series are very well regarded and even more so at their respective price points.

Alex Lake

Good luck! Key things to bear in mind for demo's here will be (by the sound of things) the ability to work in a confined space and also how you will mount the speakers.


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Thanks all for your inputs thus far.

Bluewizzard and Alex Lake, I hear the Concept 20's only really come into their own when they are in dedicated stands? In my case whichever I go for would have to work well in confined (R) and more open (L) contexts but on shelves/furniture not on stands.

I already have a Monitor Audio R180 centre and will like use the R90HD's as rears when I find replacement fronts, so wondering how much difference it would make to stick with MA brand even if not the same series (none of the larger Radius' will fit for me).

My budget is between £250-300 but if for example the MA Silver1's offered a really distinctly fuller/richer sound, I would happily look at ex-demo eg's or offers to find something like that nearer my budget.

Alex Lake

I'm wondering if you need to be looking at speakers with front-ports only. But if you're in a position to be able to borrow kit from a store (eg. you're near one!) then that would be important. I know that the guy from Q-Acoustics was saying that the 3050's need to be properly spiked to sound good (something that not all shops are happy with, as demo rooms often seem to lack carpet).


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Monitor Audio Apex A10 would be a good fit here imo. Available in white, front ported and go down to 60 Hz. Only catch is they are about £500 a pair but you may be able to find them cheaper ex demo or second hand?


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Many thanks all for your insights and suggestions. In the end I secured a set of barely used Monitor Aaudio Silver 1's for close to half price. Have plugged them up and am very happy with them.

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