Best slimline, cheap amp?



I am fairly new to the Home Cinema Scene.

I have bought some Sonare 5.1 speakers (fairly low level NXT speakers). I want a cheapest amp/receiver to go with them, preferably fairly slimline and easy to use. It has to be silver.

I will have my sky+ and my Sony combi going into it, and may want to connect my gamecube. I have a very small room, and hence the need for small/quiet speakers.

It would be nice to have the extra power if I ever decide to upgrade my speakers (the Sonares are 42W peak power; frequency response 52Hz-150Hz ±6dB), but not a necessity.

Would also be nice to have a smallish remote, as the amps one I have seen tend to have lots of buttons on them.

I am a sucker for a bargain.:cool:


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There aren't too may slimline av amps around I'm afraid but a few can be found here:-

all offer the sound formats you'll need (DD, DTS and prologic II) with varying wattage and at an affordable price:)
Any of these examples should do a fairly good job of filling a small space with sound. The only way to see which one sounds best to you is to go have a listen.

good hunting:)


I know its not slimline, but what do people think of the Sony Str-de475?

I know someone selling his for £115, and so might compromise on space if I cant find a better solution for reasonable money.


I also noticed that Richer Sounds are doing the Sony STR-DE495 for £100, half the usual £200 price.

Its very chunky, but seems to be good value at that price (and I assume its better than the DE475). My only problem is that it only have 1 optical and 1 coaxial.

I know my sky+ has optical out, not sure what my Sony combi drive has though (do they always have coaxial?).


pioneer vsxc301
panasonic saxr25 (With speakers @ £350 or less)
sony strlv500 (Not that cheap)

Only good slimline amps i've heard


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Pio 301 is probably the best slimline cheap amp out there at the moment. Yamaha 5630/5640 are verygood but much lager size.
Pio connectivity is superb though! 3 scart (rgb inputs and a scart out to telly!

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