Best Sharp Aquos LC-52XD1E, LG 50PC55 or LG 47LF66 for Playstation 3


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:lease: I have been waiting well over a year now to get a flat screen TV. Now I have a PS3 I really need to get a HD flatscreen. However, I can't decide between:

Sharp Aquos LC-52XD1E

(I need to get 702 serial to avoid banding issues? Also most expensive)

LG 47LF66

(only 47 inch? but 1080p and respectable price of around 1200)

LG 50PC55

(Plasma, 1080p input but output 768p, would this be okay for gaming and computer usage - burn-in/poor for text? However screen is 50inch for 1200 pounds - not bad value and plasma is generally better for watching movies and sd tv signals)

Please can you give me advice. Also are there any other screens I should consider (sub 2k and also accepts 1080p signal since ps3 does not downscale).

Many thanks.


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Get the Samsung 52" LCD model number LE52M87BDX with 3 HDMI inputs and an awesome spec! Currently about £2141 cheapest but lots of buy now pay in a year deals around if you can put 10% down...


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thanks very much but the samsung is too much. i have just order the lg plasma (having cancelled the 55pd9700 hitachi i ordered earlier). i order from littlewoods but they won't deliver until 22 may! i would be interested to see if anyone ordered the lg 50pc55.

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