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Best Setup for HD Sky, HDTV and DVD Recorder?

Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by DragonQ, Sep 29, 2005.

  1. DragonQ


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    In the near future I want to get a home cinema. There are 2 options for equipment:

    OPTION 1:
    I want an HD Sky box (likely Sky +), a DVD Recorder and obviously an HDTV LCD/Plasma. What would be the best way to link up all this stuff? I ASSUME, the best way is as follows:

    HD Sky ------(HDMI)-----> DVD Recorder ------(HDMI)------> HDTV.

    However, I'm pretty sure DVD Recorders with HDMI-Out are pretty rare, let alone ones with HDMI-In. So, I was thinking maybe the best way is like this:

    HD Sky -----(HDMI)-----> HDTV
    DVD Recorder -----(HDMI)-----> HDTV
    DVD Recorder <-----(Component + Digital Coaxial)----- HDTV

    But again, there is a problem - HDTVs with TWO HDMI/DVI Connectors are again pretty rare - do they exist at all??

    OPTION 2:
    I may actually not get a DVD Recorder at all - Hard Drive recording (i.e. with Sky+) is a lot easier and better quality anyway, so there is less use of DVD Recorders. In this case, I will probably use the following setup:

    HD Sky -----(HDMI)-----> HDTV
    DVD Player -----(HDMI)-----> HDTV

    Or, if the TV only has one HDMI Input:

    HD Sky -----(HDMI)-----> HDTV
    DVD Player -----(Component/RGB Scart + Digital Coaxial)-----> HDTV

    Are these the best setups if this is the equipment I'll be using?? What connections would you recommend for both setups, baring in mind current technology and availablility?

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