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Best settings for Yamaha AV Receiver and Sub


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I have the following setup:

Yamaha V1600 AV Receiver
Wharfedale SW250
Wharfedale Diamond 9.1 5.1 surround

I I originally used the Auto Setup and mic on the receiver to set it up.

When checking through the set options on the receiver the Crossover is set to 40hz. I am no expert, but this basically means that any frequencies, 40hz or below will be sent to the sub.

This is where my questions comes in.
On the sub, would it be best to turn off Low Pass Filters? Currently I have this set to 45hz. I am assuming this means that it will only play frequencies below 45hz right?

As the amp will only be sending over frequencies below 40hz anyway, is it best for me to turn off low pass filters on the sub or leave it the way it is?

I hope this makes sense


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The dial on the subwoofer should be set to a higher value than what you have selected for the speakers via the receiver, to ensure you are not filtering out/losing any audio frequencies. Usually it’s best just to turn the dial up as far as it will go just to make sure, or turn off the filter altogether if the sub allows it. Theoretically it would make no difference leaving it at 45 Hz, as long as you are confident in the accuracy of the labelling on the dial!

The dial is meant for use when you don’t have a dedicated subwoofer output on your amplifier. The front left/right speaker outputs from the amplifier would be wired in and out of the subwoofer, then onto the speakers themselves. You then use the dial to control the crossover frequency.


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Thanks for the reply

I ended up adjusting the crossover on the receiver to 80hz. I currently have the filter set to 75hz on the sub, but will change that to 85hz or off completely. Need to some playing about so I can see if I can tell a difference in sound, but in theory I shouldnt I suppose.

I know this question is probably subjective, but what frequency do people normally set the crossover to? The manual for the receiver recommends 80hz for THX systems. Would maybe something higher at about 100hz be better?


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80 Hz is usually a good starting point. I'd recommend you leave it at that for a while, then once you become familiar with how it sounds try changing it and see how you like the results.

Just make sure you don't set the crossover frequency lower than what the speakers can handle - otherwise you will end up filtering out a certain range of audio frequencies.

80 Hz is what I have my speakers set to.

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