Best setting for Gaming on Pioneer VSX-919 ?


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I have the PIONEER VSX 919 setup with 2 x KEF IQ5 floorstanders , a KEF IQ60 centre speaker and MJ acoustics PRO 50 MKII sub . I tend to play around with the sound settings to suit , when watching a Blu-ray or listening to music , but for PS3 gaming I have only really used the "ADVANCED GAME" setting .

Does anybody have any recommendations for other settings worth trying ?
(I mostly play MW3 )


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I play MW3 also on my fat PS3 so use PCM on the amp to give me the truer sound, it also is great for hearing if anyone is coming from behind.


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What's PCM ? Can't find that under advanced or standard options when I flick through ??

Please excuse my stupidness but this is my 1st proper AV setup

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